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How to Plan a Successful Charity Fundraiser

Planning a charity fundraiser takes creativity and organization to maximize donations. Following key steps and best practices will help create an event that inspires giving.

Get Organized

Being organized sets up your fundraiser for success. Start planning 3-6 months out. Build a committee to delegate tasks like securing the venue, getting permits, promoting the event, managing volunteers, etc. Create timelines for getting things done. Use checklists to track progress.

Choose the Right Date

Consider event purpose, goals, and guests when picking a date. Avoid major holidays, school breaks, and existing community events. Choose a day that is right for your guests. Some events may have better participation on a weeknight, rather than a weekend. For annual fundraisers, keep the date consistent each year.

Choose the Right Venue

Select a venue that aligns with your event vision and guests. Evaluate venue location, capacity, layout, and flow to ensure it suits your event needs and guests. Factor in proximity to transportation, hotels, parking, and other local amenities. This convenience encourages attendance.

Craft an Engaging Experience

Build excitement leading up to and during the event. Use your charity's cause to inspire guests. Have a catchy theme with fun activities, entertainment, speakers, and an overall lively atmosphere. Make it easy for people to donate through signage, texts-to-give, contests, auctions, and raffles.

Follow these Successful Fundraising Steps

These five steps will lead to fundraising success:

1. Set your fundraising goal and create a budget.

2. Select your fundraising approach like an auction, gala, tournament, etc.

3. Promote the event through email, social media, flyers, events calendars, etc.

4. Manage the event seamlessly on the day-of.

5. Thank all donors and share fundraising outcomes after.

Pick the Right Duration

For galas and events with a reception, dinner, program, and entertainment, allow 3-4 hours. For simpler events like tournaments or movie screenings, 2 hours is often sufficient. Plan entertainments as part of the fundraiser to encourage guests to stay longer.

With careful planning, promotion, and execution, your charity fundraiser will exceed your goals and support a great cause. Follow these tips to create an annual event supporters look forward to each year.


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