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What is the security deposit? Is it refundable?

There is a $500 deposit per room. The deposit is refundable as long as you meet the Terms of Agreement in your rental contract.

What does the rental fee include?

Tables, chairs and one setup are included in the rental fees. Some rooms also include a dance floor or a set of dressing rooms. 

Can I come in early to decorate or rehearse?

If your rented room is not in use by another event, you can come in to decorate and/or rehearse after 3 PM the day before your event. This is the only rehearsal time provided and is not guaranteed. Access to the room is not available before 3 PM. 

Can I hang draping from the ceiling and/or walls?

No. All decorations must be stand alone. Also, you cannot block any exit signs or exit doors. Doors and signs must be visible to guests.

Can I cook on-site?

No. We only food trucks to cook on-site. No exceptions.

Can I serve and/or sell alcohol?

Do you provide linens, decorations, serving containers or a stage?

No. We provide a combination of six-foot round tables, five-foot round tables (limited number), four-foot round tables (limited number), eight-foot rectangular tables and six-foot rectangular tables (limited number). We do not have chivari chairs.

Can we setup our food or bar in the lobby / common areas?

No. All food and beverages must be served from your rented room(s). The venue is monitored by CCTV and if we see that you served food in the lobby and/or common areas you will lose your deposit.

I rented chairs, decorations and/or staging. Can I leave it overnight?

We are often able to accommodate this request, however, you must confirm this availability with Gateway staff. Availability is dependent upon room rentals after your event.

Can I have candles, smoke machines and/or fireworks.

We allow candles that are in a container. Smoke machines must use dry ice. Fireworks, including sparklers, are prohibited. 

What is my rental time?

8 AM to midnight. All events must end at midnight. You may stay until 1 PM to clean the facility, but the event must be over. All cleaning must be done the night of your event. You will not have access to your room(s) after 1 AM the night of your event. Share this rule with anyone assisting in cleaning up.

Can we bring our own food?

ALL FOOD must be provided by a business that will provide us with a current business license/W-9 and a current Certificate of Liability insurance with Chester County Gateway Conference Center listed as additional insured.

What am I responsible for after my event?

You must leave the building as you found it. This means removing all trash from the room(s), picking up any large messes on the floor, sweeping and mopping the kitchen, making sure every exterior door is shut and locked, turning off the lights, and removing anything you brought into the building.

Can I drape in front of the doors and/or exit signs?

No. The doors and signs must be clearly visible and easy to exit from so that your guests can safely exit in an emergency. 

Can I bring my pet?

No. We only allow service animals inside the facility. 

What are my next steps?

Once you know which room you are interested in renting you can call to check available dates and schedule a tour. Please note the room name (Ballroom, Salon, Meeting Room) you are interested in before calling.


After you have toured the facility and confirmed your room is available on the requested date, please complete the rental form and return it with either your deposit (more than 90 days prior to event) or deposit and rental fees (less than 90 days prior to event to reserve your room and date.

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