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Terms of Agreement

Lease Terms
  1. The leasee agrees to abide by and follow any and all applicable rules and policies set out in the initialed pages of the rental form. Leasee also agrees to follow any and all applicable state and federal laws in relation to leasee’s event.

  2. Chester County reserves the right to refuse any request.

  3. The leasee herein agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the County of Chester and/or its agents or employees or servants, who shall for any reason become legally obligated to pay any sum of money for injuries or damages occurring during the period of this lease, against any and all claims or demands, or damages in any way arising from the use of the Gateway Conference Center, including but not limited, to the existence of event attendees on the Center’s grounds.  Indemnification is not limited, and includes any liability or payment (including costs and attorney fees) by reason of any damages or bodily injury (including death) sustained by any person or persons or on account of damage to property including the loss of the use thereof arising out of or in connection with this agreement. 

  4. The leasee herein assumes full responsibility for the character, acts and conduct of all persons admitted to the premises or any portion of the said building.

  5. The leasee (individual and/or organization) using the building is responsible for damages to the property and person(s) occurring during the time of use.

  6. The leasee and all person(s) using the facilities shall adhere strictly to the rules, regulations, and ordinances of the County of Chester and South Carolina Fire Department. If the event being held becomes such that the recommendation of the law enforcement officer is to decide the event must stop, then the persons using the building will stop the event and vacate the building.

  7. The County of Chester retains the right and authority to cancel the lease or discontinue the lease or admission of other people to the building at such time that’s in the best judgment of the County of Chester or its duly authorized representative, the conduct of the persons using the building appears to be present danger to the safety of other people or to the premises.

  8. The within lease agreement shall not be assigned or sublet in any manner whatsoever unless written permission is gained from the County of Chester prior to the event.

  9. Leasee’s should be cognizant of room capacities. Events that exceed the capacity of the room cannot be accommodated. Gateway Conference Center will NOT setup a room that exceeds room capacity. Measurements and room capacities are on this form. Leasees should not plan to use the building’s common areas including lobbies and solarium to exceed seating. Leasee is advised not to plan on using the veranda to accommodate additional guests due to the unpredictable nature of the weather.


Food & Alcohol Terms
  1. As part of the indemnification of the County of Chester and/or its agents or employees or servants, user agrees not to serve or have available alcoholic beverages without hiring a licensed bartender and the recommended number of off-duty certified law enforcement officers. Officers must be within the County of Chester (a list can be obtained from the Sheriff’s Office) or a licensed and bonded private security company. The Chester County Sheriff’s Office will recommend the number of officers needed. Leasee may also be required to provide Host Liquor Liability and/or liquor license. Leasee is responsible for informing the Gateway Conference Center if alcohol is being served and/or sold.

  2. Alcohol is permitted in the building, but serving red wine is prohibited.

  3. All food and trash shall be taken out of the building at the end of the event. All trash shall be bagged and placed inside the outdoor trash receptacle located at the rear of the facility. Leasee will forfeit part of their deposit for any trash left lying on the ground.

  4. All food at events must be provided by a licensed and insured caterer. If caterer works out of a restaurant they must have a DHEC rating of A or B. Gateway Conference Center must receive a copy of the caterer’s license, certificate of liability insurance and DHEC rating.

Event / Decorating Terms
  1. There may be other events occurring in the building during your event. The only way to have guaranteed, exclusive access to the building the day of your event is to rent all three rooms- the Grand Ballroom, Grand Salon and Grand Meeting Room.

  2. Room configuration must be approved no later than 14 days prior to the event. Changes to the room configuration after approval are the responsibility of the leasee.

  3. Rental time is from 8 AM to midnight the day of the rental. Leasees may be allowed to access the room(s) for setup no earlier than 3 PM the day prior to their rental date depending upon availability. Access to the rented room(s) prior to 8 AM on the rental date is NOT guaranteed and must be confirmed with Gateway Conference Center.

  4. Access to rooms after 3 PM the day prior to rental is for setup/rehearsal only. Rehearsal dinners may not be held in the rented room(s) during this time.

  5. Dependent upon room(s) availability, deliveries such as stage, furniture, etc. can be delivered to the room(s) rented before 3 PM if no other event has rented the room the day prior to the leasee’s event. It is the leasee’s responsibility to confirm this availability. Leasee is also responsible for making sure all décor/furniture from outside sources is taken off-site the day of the event, unless Gateway Conference Center has indicated it may remain overnight.

  6. The Gateway Conference Center is not responsible for the correctness of leasee’s deliveries. Leasee is responsible for delivered goods and decorations and must acknowledge that the Center has other people / events in the building at various times each day and cannot be held responsible for correctness, damage or disappearance of delivered goods.

  7. The Gateway Conference Center is not responsible for the setup of any décor/furniture from outside vendors including, but not limited to, stage, tables, chairs, couches, etc.

  8. Leasee is responsible for setting up and breaking down any furniture/shoulder heaters used on the veranda. Gateway Conference Center furniture is not to be left on the veranda overnight.

  9. Candles are permitted in the building, but must be in a container.

  10. No smoking in the building. Any damage caused by smoking could result in a forfeiture of deposit.

  11. Only the table(s) and chair(s) located in the leasee’s rented rooms can be used at the leasee’s function. The Center’s furniture shall not be modified without the prior approval of the Gateway management. All Gateway Center furniture, art, etc. must be accounted for after the event or leasee will be responsible for replacement.

  12. Leasee will only use the room(s) rented and the area immediately outside the rented room(s).

  13. Public areas such as parking lots, solarium, lobby and bathrooms are not to be blocked. Other events may be occurring at the same time as leasee’s event and blocking common areas from use can result in a loss of deposit.

  14. Unless you have rented the entire building- Grand Ballroom, Grand Salon and Meeting Rooms A & B, you are not to use the solarium. Use of the solarium may result in a forfeit of deposit.

  15. The leasee will not use staples, tacks, tape, command strips, glue and / or paint on the furniture, walls, floors, and / or ceilings of the building. The furnishings at The Gateway are not to be used in the design or for decorations of the applicant’s event. The deposit of $500 per room will ONLY be refunded if there are no damages to the building, furniture or kitchen equipment, no rules are broken by the persons using the facility and / or their guest and the premises are cleaned according to the refund policy and terms of agreement.

  16. Use of the bride’s room and groom’s room are first-come, first-served.

  17. Leasee is responsible for picking up the keys from the Center before 5 PM the day before the event. Events held on Saturday and Sunday must pick up their keys the Friday before the event. Keys and keycard must be returned by 12 PM the first business day after the event.


Payment / Technology Terms
  1. Advanced bookings (more than 90 days prior to the event) are required to pay the security deposit ($500 per room) in full to secure the date. All advance bookings will be required to pay the room rental balance and any other fees in full at least 90 days prior to the event. Events booked less than 90 days of the event, must pay the security deposit, room rental rate and any other fees in full to save the date.

  2. Room layout, catering information (current insurance, business license and DHEC rating), technology needs and security information are all due no later than 14 days prior to the event.

  3. Charging a fee for valet parking and / or selling tickets at the door is strictly prohibited unless leasee obtains prior written permission from the Gateway Conference Center Management.

  4. Leasee is responsible for payment of any technology used at the event. It is the responsibility of the leasee to contact XL Media Works at 803.329.3001 at least two weeks prior to the event to schedule technology. Technology fees must be paid before the event.

  5. Photos and text for the LED sign should be emailed at least seven days prior to the event to kimberly@choosegateway.com. Text and photo will be displayed on the LED sign one day prior to leasee’s event and day of the event. Event info will only be displayed if the sign is in good working order and photo and text were received at least seven days prior to the event. Text and photos on the LED sign are not guaranteed.

  6. Terms of agreement are subject to change without notice.