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Planning a Fun and Memorable Corporate Holiday Party

The holiday season is a great time for companies to show appreciation for their employees and bring everyone together for some holiday cheer. Planning a corporate holiday party takes thought and preparation to create an event that everyone will enjoy. Here are some tips for throwing a holiday bash that your staff will remember.

Come Up with Creative Ideas

Make your holiday party unique and special by coming up with creative ideas for themes, activities, food, and more. Get employees involved in the planning process by asking for suggestions or organizing a party planning committee. Consider hosting activities like an ugly sweater contest, flag football game, or volunteering event to get people engaged. Having a defined theme like casino night or tropical luau can also help make your party extra memorable.

Book the Venue Early

Start venue shopping 4-6 months in advance to secure your desired date and location. Holiday parties are popular so competition for top venues fills up fast. Get your venue, catering, and other vendors booked well ahead of time. Send save the dates once you have the key details finalized.

Pick the Right Date

Take staff schedules and availability into account when picking a date. Mid-December before holiday travel typically works well for many companies. Send save the dates out 4-6 weeks in advance once you have a date locked in. Consider throwing your party on a Friday or Saturday night when people are likely to stay later and let loose.

Plan Engaging Activities

Incorporate activities that encourage mingling and fun. You can keep it simple with just food, drinks and music. Or, include things like trivia, photo booths, karaoke, dancing, casino games, ice breakers and more for a lively event. Employee performances like an improv show or battle of the office bands also make for great entertainment.

Serve Tasty Food and Drinks

Cater appetizers, entrees and desserts that align with your theme. Offer a signature holiday cocktail as well as beer and wine. Having passed hors d'oeuvres during a cocktail reception along with stationed food spreads helps facilitate socializing. End the night with a fun late-night snack like a s'mores bar or slider station.

With thoughtful planning and creative touches, your holiday bash is sure to be remembered fondly. Get started early and solicit input to create an event your staff will look forward to each year.


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