Planning Information



  • Decorators and / or planners must complete the Decorator's Agreement and return it to Gateway Conference Center prior to the event. Click here for form.

  • Decorator and/or planner agrees to abide by the rules listed below. If decorator and/or planner does not follow the rules they will not allowed to decorate or plan an event in the building for one year.

  • Gateway Conference Center is monitored by CCTV.

  • All events must end at midnight. There are no exceptions to this rule. No food or beverage can be served after midnight. Music must be shut off and guests must exit the building.



  • Gateway Conference Center will NOT setup a room that exceeds room capacity. Events should not plan to use the building’s common areas including lobbies and solarium to exceed seating.

  • There may be other events occurring in the building during your event. The only way to have guaranteed, exclusive access to the building the day of your event is to rent the entire building.

  • Room configuration must be submitted and approved no later than 14 days prior to the event. Gateway Conference Center will NOT make any changes to the room layout after the room configuration has been approved. Gateway staff will not move furniture or provide additional furniture after room configuration has been received by Gateway staff.

  • If changes to room configuration are requested after room configuration has been approved there will be a charge of $100 the first hour and $50 per hour after that. The minimum charge will be $100. Charges will be deducted from deposit.

  • Rental time is from 8 AM to midnight the day of the rental. Event may be allowed to access the room(s) for setup no earlier than 3 PM the day prior to their rental date depending upon availability. Access to the rented room(s) prior to 8 AM on the rental date is NOT guaranteed and must be confirmed with Gateway Conference Center.

  • Access to rooms after 3 PM the day prior to rental is for setup/rehearsal only.

  • Any request for room access before 3 PM will be refused. Any member of the event party that arrives before 3 PM to setup will not be allowed entry to the building.

  • Event does not have access to the Center after 1 AM the night of the event.

  • Only the rooms rented may be used. Lobbies and/or solarium may not be used as part of an event. All food / beverages must be located inside the rented room(s).

  • Public areas such as parking lots, solarium, lobby and bathrooms are not to be blocked.

  • Candles are permitted in the building, but must be enclosed in a container. Fireworks (including sparklers) are prohibited.

  • Only the table(s) and chair(s) located in the rented rooms can be used during event. The Center’s furniture in common areas and dressing rooms shall not be moved or modified.

  • Event will not use staples, tacks, tape, command strips, glue and / or paint on the furniture, walls, floors, and / or ceilings of the building.

  • Tablecloths and/or any cloth cannot be ironed or steamed on the tables.

  • Gateway Conference Center will not set up any room in a manner that blocks emergency exits or obstructs exit signs. If event moves furniture within the room, emergency exits/routes are not to be blocked or obstructed and exit signs must be visible. Exit signs must be visible for the duration of any event. Exit routes and room capacities are clearly posted outside each room.



  • The Gateway Conference Center is not responsible for the correctness, damage or disappearance of event deliveries. To ensure correctness of deliveries event is advised to have all deliveries made when someone from the event is available on site.

  • The Gateway Conference Center is not responsible for any items left after the event. All items brought into the building are taken out at the end of the event.

  • If the Gateway Conference Center has approved leaving items in the building for a secondary vendor to pick up such as stage, furniture, etc. then vendor must pick up items no later than 11 AM on the date Gateway Conference Center has indicated (most commonly the first business day after the event).

  • Gateway Conference Center is not responsible for the setup or breakdown of any décor/furniture from outside vendors including, but not limited to, stage, tables, chairs, couches, etc.

  • Dependent upon room(s) availability, deliveries such as stage, furniture, etc. can be delivered to the room(s) rented before 3 PM if no other event has rented the room the day prior to event. All décor/furniture from outside sources is taken off-site the day of the event, unless Gateway Conference Center has indicated it may remain overnight.



  • Any stains left on the carpet or furniture, particularly red/pink stains, that our cleaning crew is unable to remove will automatically result in at least a $250 fine which will be deducted from the deposit. This fine may be more than $250 depending upon the size of the stain. If red wine is served and a stain results from the wine, this will result in the complete forfeiture of the $250 deposit placed in order to serve red wine. Any gum or wax found in the carpet or furniture after your event will also result in a $250 charge from your deposit.

  • All exterior doors must be shut and locked upon exit from the facility. If any door is left unlocked and/or open from an event deposit is automatically forfeited.

  • Interior doors should be shut and locked before exiting to ensure safety of rented room(s). If another event gains access to rented room due to failure to shut and lock door(s), original event will be charged for any damage.

  • All cleanup is to be done immediately after the event. Events will not have access to the building the next day.

  • All food and trash shall be taken out of the building at the end of the event. All trash shall be bagged and placed inside the outdoor trash receptacle located at the rear of the facility.

  • Every trash can in rented / used room(s) must be emptied including the lobbies, kitchen and VIP / dressing rooms.

  • All large pieces of trash including food, programs, napkins, plates, rose petals, etc. must be swept / cleaned off the floor and disposed of with all trash in cans.

  • Trash is not to be dragged on the carpeting. Larger trash cans should be used to collect smaller bags to transport to the outside receptacle.



  • Keys / keycard must be either returned via the outside drop box or given to Gateway Conference Center staff no later than 12 PM the first business day after the event.

  • Use of two dressing rooms (one set) is included with the rental of the Petite or Grand Ballroom.

  • Keys from the Center before 5 PM the day before the event. Events held on Saturday and Sunday must pick up their keys the Friday before the event. Keys and keycard must be returned by 12 PM the first business day after the event.

  • No smoking in the building.

  • Decorator and/or planner is responsible for coordinating with lessee to schedule their event arrival / setup time. If decorator and/or planner wishes to do a walk through they must schedule an appointment. Appointments are one hour in length from scheduled time. If caterer arrives late to appointment, appointment will still end one hour from scheduled time. Appointments will not exceed Gateway Conference Center’s regular hours.


FORCE MAJEURE:  The Gateway Conference Center shall not be deemed to be in default of its obligations for termination of this event if and so long as it is prevented from performing its obligations by an act of war, hostile foreign actions, nuclear explosion, earthquake, hurricane, tornado or other adverse weather conditions not reasonable anticipated, fire, unavoidable accidents or circumstances, pandemics, measures taken by an governmental authority in response to a pandemic, epidemics, other Acts of God whether it be a natural or national disaster. 

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