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Planning Information

Food and Alcohol

  • If your event serves and/or sells any alcohol, you are required to use certified law enforcement officers within Chester County or a licensed and bonded private security company. Joe Tate at the Chester County Sheriff’s Office at 803-581-5131 will confirm the number of officers needed. Hourly rates are provided by the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

  • You are responsible for contacting and obtaining security. Officers must be on-site for the entire duration alcohol is being served. If your event serves or provides alcohol without the required security present, you will forfeit your deposit and may be subject to additional fines.

  • Any private security company / officer will be required to provide business license, liability insurance and proof that they are a bonded security company through SLED.

  • Events serving alcohol must also have a licensed bartender. Bartender will be required to provide a certificate of bartender training.

  • If you have a cash bar or are selling alcohol, you will be required to provide Special Event Liquor Liability and/or liquor license. You are responsible for informing the Gateway Conference Center if alcohol is being served and/or sold.

  • Red wine is prohibited.

  • All food and trash shall be taken out of the building at the end of the event. All trash shall be bagged and placed inside the outdoor trash receptacle located at the rear of the facility. You will forfeit part of their deposit for any trash left lying on the ground.

  • All food at events must be provided by a licensed and insured caterer. Food must be provided by a licensed caterer. If caterer works out of a restaurant they must have a DHEC rating of A or B. Gateway Conference Center must receive a copy of the caterer’s license, certificate of liability insurance and DHEC rating two weeks prior to the event.

  • Cooking is not allowed in the building.

  • Caterer will have the use of the catering kitchen which includes warmers, chillers, prep tables, and prep sinks. Caterer /renter are responsible for cleaning the kitchen after the event.


Other Events in the Building


  • There may be other events occurring in the building during your event. The only way to have guaranteed, exclusive access to the building the day of your event is to rent all three rooms- the Grand Ballroom, Grand Salon and Grand Meeting Room.

  • Please be respectful of other events in the building. Guests from your event should not attempt to attend any other event in the building, request / help themselves to alcohol or food from any other event in the building or move / borrow any other event's items.

  • Public areas such as parking lots, solarium, lobby and bathrooms are not to be blocked. Blocking common areas from use can result in a loss of deposit.

  • Do not use the solarium. This is a common area and is used by all events in the building.




  • Room configuration must be approved no later than 14 days prior to the event. Changes to the room configuration after approval are your responsibility.

  • Room layouts received less than 14 days prior to the event may not have access to the tables / chairs requested due to limited quantities of some sizes.

  • Rental time is from 8 AM to midnight the day of the rental.

  • You may be allowed to access the room(s) for setup NO EARLIER than 3 PM the day prior to the rental date depending upon availability. Access to the rented room(s) prior to 8 AM on the rental date is NOT guaranteed and must be confirmed with Gateway Conference Center.

  • Access to rooms after 3 PM the day prior to rental is for setup/rehearsal only. Rehearsal dinners may not be held in the rented room(s) during this time.

  • Dependent upon room(s) availability, deliveries such as stage, furniture, etc. can be delivered to the room(s) rented before 3 PM, if no other event has rented the room, the day prior to your event. It is your responsibility to confirm this availability.

  • You are also responsible for making sure all décor/furniture from outside sources is taken off-site the day of the event, unless Gateway Conference Center has indicated it may remain overnight.

  • If the Center has indicated that items from outside vendors may remain overnight / over the weekend, they must be picked up no later than 11 AM the first business day after the event.

  • You must include the measurements of any large prop and / or stage. This will enable us to leave the correct amount of space for the prop / stage. If you do not include these measurements, Gateway Conference Center is not responsible for items not fitting and you will be responsible for making alternate accommodations for your prop and/or stage.

  • You are responsible for informing Gateway Conference Center of any deliveries or pickups occurring during the Center’s regular hours. If your event occurs on a holiday or during a holiday weekend it is imperative that you confirm that the Center is open during regular business hours and is available for deliveries and/or pickups. It is recommended that you share this information with your vendor. 

  • The Gateway Conference Center is not responsible for the correctness of your deliveries. You are responsible for delivered goods and decorations. The Center has other people / events in the building at various times each day and cannot be held responsible for correctness, damage or disappearance of delivered goods.

  • Any deliveries which must occur after regular business hours are your responsibility. 

  • The Gateway Conference Center is not responsible for the setup of any décor/furniture from outside vendors including, but not limited to, stage, tables, chairs, couches, etc.

  • You are responsible for setting up and breaking down any furniture/shoulder heaters used on the veranda. The Center’s furniture is not to be left on the veranda overnight.

  • Candles are permitted in the building, but must be in a container.

  • No smoking in the building. Any damage caused by smoking could result in a forfeiture of deposit.

  • Only the table(s) and chair(s) located in your rented rooms can be used at your function. The Center’s furniture shall not be modified without the prior approval of the Gateway management. All Gateway Center furniture, art, etc. must be accounted for after the event or you will be responsible for replacement.

  • You will only use the room(s) rented and the area immediately outside the rented room(s). If you have questions about the area you may use, please ask the Center’s staff.

  • You will not use staples, tacks, tape, command strips, glue and / or paint on the furniture, walls, floors, rafters, and / or ceilings of the interior or exterior of the building.

  • The furnishings at The Gateway are not to be used in the design or for decorations of the applicant’s event.

  • All pipe and drape must be free-standing. You cannot attach anything to the ceilings, floors or walls of the Center.

  • Charging a fee for valet parking and / or selling tickets at the door is strictly prohibited unless you obtain prior written permission from the Gateway Conference Center Management.

  • The Center has the following tables and chairs available for use:

    • 5’ Rounds        Holds 6 – 8  (limited availability)                                                                 

    • 6’ Rounds        Holds 8 – 10                                                                

    • 6' Rectangles   Holds 6 - 8 (limited availability)

    • 8’ Rectangles  Holds 8 – 10                     

    • Banquet Chairs

    • 3' cocktail tables (limited availability)                          

  • Changes to dance floor location and/or size after the receipt of room setup will result in an additional charge. Please note that room setup and drawn sketch may not match identically due to space constraints.

  • Once the rented room(s) have been setup using your layout, you are responsible for any changes.

  • The Center does not have the ability to turn rooms around the day of the event.

  • We are unable to change the dividing room wall once it is up or down. If you request the dividing wall to be put up it must remain up for the duration of your event. We are also unable to accommodate any requests for gaps left in the room dividing wall.

  • We are also unable to set the dance floor up or remove it the day of your event. Dance floor will be put in place prior to your event and will remain down for the duration of your event.

  • Planners, caterers, decorators and renters who would like to visit the facility prior to their event for measurement and planning purposes are encouraged to schedule an appointment. Rooms are often in use during the week.

  • Layouts must be sent to the Gateway Conference Center on the Center’s diagrams at least two weeks prior to the event.


Room Capacities, Measurements & Emergency Exits


  • Events that exceed the capacity of the room cannot be accommodated. Gateway Conference Center will NOT setup a room that exceeds room capacity.

  • Measurements and room capacities are on this page. You should not plan to use the building’s common areas including lobbies and solarium for seating. You are advised not to plan on using the veranda to accommodate additional guests due to the unpredictable nature of the weather.  

  • The Center will not set up any room in a manner that blocks emergency exits or obstructs exit signs. You are responsible for ensuring that emergency exits/routes are not blocked or obstructed and that exit signs are visible. Exit signs must be visible for the duration of any event. Exit routes and room capacities are clearly posted outside each room.


​Technology & The Veranda


  • You are responsible for payment of any technology used at the event. It is your responsibility to contact XL Media Works at 803.329.3001 at least two weeks prior to the event to schedule technology.

  • Technology fees must be paid before the event. Any technology requests received less than two weeks before event may not be accommodated.

  • If you plan to use the projectors you are responsible for testing the computer you plan to use for the event. Computer tests are scheduled between 3 PM and 5 PM the day prior to the event. You are responsible for scheduling this test.

  • Photos and text for the LED sign should be emailed at least seven days prior to the event to kimberly@choosegateway.com. Text and photo will be displayed on the LED sign one day prior to your event and the day of the event.

    • Weddings display the photo and text until after the ceremony time when the sign changes over to just congratulations text. Event info will only be displayed if the sign is in good working order and photo and text were received at least seven days prior to the event. Text and photos on the LED sign are not guaranteed.