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Planning Information



  • Prior to the event, caterers must complete and return to Gateway Conference Center a copy of the Caterer's Agreement (click here).

  • Caterers are required to provide a copy of their business license (or W-9) and a current copy of their certificate of liability insurance. No other proof of insurance will be accepted.

  • Cooking is not allowed on the premises. Caterers will have access to a catering kitchen with warmers, chillers, prep tables and prep sinks.

  • Caterer agrees to abide by the rules listed below. If caterer does not follow the rules they will be removed from the catering list and not allowed to cater in the building for one year.

  • All kitchen trash cans empty

  • Empty all trash cans in the rented room(s). Do not drag full trash bags or sit them on the carpet. Use the large kitchen cans to collect smaller bags.

  • Empty all trash cans in the lobbies. Do not drag full trash bags or sit them on the carpet. Use the large kitchen cans to collect smaller bags.

  • All trash was disposed of IN the outside waste receptacle (no trash on the ground)

  • No trash / debris dumped outside or in the parking lot

  • Pick up any large messes (programs, lemons, corks, flowers, cups, utensils, etc)

  • Sweep up large piles of crumbs (broom and dustpan should be in kitchen)

  • Kitchen floor swept

  • Kitchen floor mopped

  • Back hall from kitchen to rented room(s) swept

  • Back hall from kitchen to rented room(s) mopped

  • Kitchen sinks empty

  • Kitchen sinks clean

  • Kitchen chillers empty

  • Kitchen chillers clean

  • Kitchen warmers empty

  • Kitchen warmers clean

  • Kitchen warmers unplugged

  • Kitchen counters clean

  • Stainless steel tables clean

  • No non-kitchen tables used on back hall

  • Stainless steel tables not moved

  • All silverware / dishes are removed the night of event

  • Ice scoop is left on top of the ice maker

  • Kitchen door is fully shut and locked before exiting

  • Caterer is responsible for coordinating with lessee to schedule their event arrival / setup time. If caterer wishes to do a walkthrough they must schedule an appointment. Appointments are one hour in length from scheduled time. If caterer arrives late to appointment, appointment will still end one hour from scheduled time. Appointments will not exceed Gateway Conference Center business hours.


FORCE MAJEURE:  The Gateway Conference Center shall not be deemed to be in default of its obligations for termination of this event if and so long as it is prevented from performing its obligations by an act of war, hostile foreign actions, nuclear explosion, earthquake, hurricane, tornado or other adverse weather conditions not reasonable anticipated, fire, unavoidable accidents or circumstances, pandemics, measures taken by an governmental authority in response to a pandemic, epidemics, other Acts of God whether it be a natural or national disaster. 

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